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Obama-Appointed Judge’s Decision Will Cost Tax-Paying Americans Millions for Undocumented Immigrants

When judges can dictate policy that costs American taxpayers millions, if not billions of dollars, something is clearly broken.

A decision handed down by Judge John Kronstadt, however, is going to do exactly that.

Judge Kronstadt has just handed down a decision to hold the United States accountable, thereby We the People, for the cost of mental health services for illegal immigrants who were separated at the border via Trump’s zero-tolerance policy.

Obama Strikes Again

Barack Obama has been out of office for more than two years, but we are all still paying the price for his decisions.

Obama appointed Kronstadt to the bench while he was in office, and Kronstadt is paying him back by pushing the pro-illegal immigrant stance Obama brought to the presidency.

The suit was brought by illegal immigrants who were separated from their children when they entered this country illegally.

Now, this is no different than a man or woman committing a crime in this country and being sent to jail, but the judge did not see it that way.

Instead, he issued an order that mental health services must be made available to the women of the lawsuit.

This, of course, means the thousands of other parents that were separated from their children will also be entitled to these benefits.

The cost for these services, of course, is going to be paid for by We the People.

But Aren’t They Criminals?

The decision by Kronstadt was clearly political in nature and has no place in the courts.

We know this because the decision is not based on legal precedent but rather the position of the far left.

Candidates such as Warren and Sanders have already stated they want to end the criminalization of illegally entering this country.

Both Sanders and Warren are already on the record saying they want to actually suspend deportations to put more pressure on Republicans for immigration policies.

Whether or not Democrats and liberal judges want to admit it, these people are criminals and they do not even belong in the country, let alone being given unlimited mental health care treatment to address something they did of their own volition.

This is the future of our country, patriots, unless we can take back the House and re-elect Trump.

Source: Daily Caller

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