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Obama Staffer Shocks Dems, Says Trump Got It Right

It is a rare day when you will hear someone that served under Obama give Trump props on any front.

Retired Marine General James L. Jones, however, did just that when he explained his take on the killing of General Soleimani.

Calling a Spade a Spade

One of my biggest problems with our political system is that, well, it’s political.

Representatives on both sides of the aisle will take a contrarian stance regardless of the issue just to make an argument.

There is no shame in saying someone got it right, which, thankfully, Jones has done in this case.

When Barack Obama approved the strike took out bin Laden, I can’t recall a single politician, registered Republican, or conservative taking the stance that Obama put our country in jeopardy for ordering that strike.

Personally, I remember being out when the news broke and everyone standing up and cheering, and my normal crowd is not exactly a liberal group.

We were all proud, as Americans, that our president, regardless of whether or not we voted for him, ordered the attack and took out the man behind 9/11 and one of the most notorious terrorists of our time.

Soleimani was no different than bin Laden other than having the title of a general.

General Jones (ret) served as Obama’s National Security Adviser, so he is very much aware of the dangers of someone like Soleimani.

In terms of Trump doing the right thing, Jones stated, “I think what the administration did in the Soleimani case is absolutely correct.

“I think it’s the right thing to do.”

He then added, “Soleimani is now the next guy, so I give [Trump] credit for doing that and I think it was the right thing to do and I think it’s, as articulated by the president, it’s a potential game-changer.

“I would not let up. I would not let up.”

He also addressed the current class of Democrats that want to appease Iran rather than end those behind these terrorist attacks against our country and our troops in the Middle East.

Jones stated, “And I would not listen to the appeasers of the world who kind of want to calm the waves and [who say] let’s get back to normal business and then you have Iran using its proxies to spread terror around the world, interdict shipping, shoot down drones, and things like that.

“Those days I think are over and I hope Iran understands that.”

There was not a single Democrat on stage during the debate last night that believes Trump did the right thing.

If any of them had their way, Soleimani would still be walking this earth and for all we know, one of our bases or embassies would be lying in ruin right now.

To hear a voice like Jones’ put partisan politics aside, to tell the truth, is, quite frankly, refreshing.

It is just a shame the Democrats vying to be our next Commander-in-Chief cannot do the same.

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