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Officer Arrested and Charged in George Floyd Case

President Trump promised Americans that justice would be swift in the alleged murder of George Floyd.

Former Officer Derek Chauvin, the arresting officer that has his knee on Floyd’s neck, has been arrested and charged with third-degree murder.

Acting Swiftly

The very nature of what is going on in Minneapolis demanded that action be taken swiftly in this case.

Videos that have been published so far show no reason why Officer Chauvin needed to even have his knee on Floyd’s neck to hold him down, let alone doing so for several minutes that prevented him from being able to breathe.

The city of Minneapolis as well as outlying areas have been under siege from looters and rioters since the video was first published.

Earlier this week, President Trump instructed the FBI and the Department of Justice to expedite the investigation to ensure there was a quick resolution.

On Friday, that resolution came when Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced that former Officer Derek Chauvin had been arrested and will be charged with 3rd-degree murder.

It is unclear if charges will be brought against the other three officers on the scene, but all of them have been terminated from the police force.

Rioting Continues

The last three days have been a complete debacle for the city.

Businesses have been looted, buildings have been burned, and the streets of the city were literally on fire.

The police have kept a very low presence throughout in an effort to not escalate the violence, but their lack of presence has seemingly given the rioters carte blanche to do whatever they wanted over the last three days.

Things came to a head on Thursday when the mayor ordered the 3rd Precinct to be evacuated, leaving rioters to burn the building down to the ground.

Mayor Frey stated, “The symbolism of the building cannot outweigh the importance of life, our officers or the public.

“We could not risk serious injury to anyone. And we will continue to patrol the Third Precinct.”

President Trump has offered the support of the National Guard if needed to quell the violence as well as being very critical of the governor and mayor for allowing the situation to escalate to a level when military intervention would be needed.

Source: Fox News & NBC News

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