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Op-Ed: Democrat Impeachment Efforts Falling Apart

Democrats and the liberal media have been trying for more than two years to make something stick against President Trump, but they have failed miserably.

This all started with Russian collusion allegations during the election, which eventually lead to a special counsel investigation by Robert Mueller.

When Democrats did not get what they wanted from that, they started pushing impeachment. When a whistleblower complaint came in about the Ukraine phone call, Democrats moved forward hoping they had the smoking gun they needed to oust Trump, but things are not going so well on that front, either.

What Happened to Collusion?

If you need proof the collusion and obstruction narratives were a complete hoax, just ask yourself when was the last time you heard about those issues? If there was truly something there, these issues would still be in the media and on the lips of every Democrat, but they have suddenly disappeared.

When collusion fell apart after the Mueller report came out, Democrats continued to push obstruction.

However, it is hard to accuse someone of obstructing the investigation of a crime that was never committed.

Instead, the actions of Trump were perceived as Trump defending himself against salacious allegations.

Impeachment Crashing and Burning

As my fingers are tapping away at the keyboard, the impeachment inquiry hearing of Donald Trump is taking place. While there have some small blows to the Trump administration, they can all be covered with some Bactine and a band-aid.

The most powerful blow came earlier today when Ambassador Sondland gave his opening testimony, but that was countered this afternoon.

During his opening testimony, Sondland said there was a quid pro quo, but he associated that directly to Rudy Giuliana rather than Trump. When he spoke of his direct conversation with Trump, the President told him directly that he did not want anything in return as well as telling Sondland to tell Zelensky to do the right thing and what he ran on during the election.

Dems are going to continue to spin this about a million different ways, but they have yet to get that magical link to Trump or the smoking gun that they need to carry out an impeachment.

Every piece of so-called evidence the Democrats have against Trump is hearsay and/or perception.

Schiff has time and again asked witnesses to tell us what President Zelensky was thinking or feeling or what they thought President Trump’s mindset was at a specific time in a specific situation.

There have been times when a Democrat or the Majority Counsel has literally made up testimony and simply asked the witness to agree with it.

Dems will continue to throw accusations at Trump and if he manages to win re-election, it is only going to get worse. But, as we have seen, they are failing to make anything stick and ultimately, they are going to pay a hefty price on election day.

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