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Opinion: Democrat Establishment Using Impeachment to Help Joe Biden

I have been banging my head up against the wall wondering why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) would go forward with impeachment at this particular time.

After all, Pelosi stated she would never more forward unless it was a bipartisan effort, right?

Well, we know the vote went down along party lines, with three Democrats actually voting against it, so that is hardly bipartisan.

Pelosi could have stretched this out longer, possibly waiting until late next year, so the hearings would not have taken place until after the elections, but that did not happen either.

Instead, she chose to put her stamp of approval on the inquiry knowing full well the hearings would start in late November.

That, of course, means that assuming the impeachment passes the House, it would get turned over for a Senate trial before the Christmas break.

If that happens, the trial will not take place until everyone comes back from the Christmas break.

Senators are required to be in session during an impeachment trial, which would be conducted six days a week.

Since the Senate trial is expected to take six to eight weeks, this would mean all six Senators now in the race would not be able to campaign during the days leading up to the first four caucuses and primaries and could possibly even miss Super Tuesday.

Any candidate losing out on those first four states completely will have virtually no chance of winning this race.

Oddly enough, two of the three frontrunners for Democrats are sitting Senators.

Assuming the timeline holds, this would mean both Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders would be taken out of the race, the two Democrat candidates the establishment has been vocally opposed to all along.

This would clear the way for the golden boy of the party, Joe Biden, to cruise through the primary and lock down the nomination.

In essence, when Pelosi approved the impeachment inquiry, she gave Warren and Sanders a primary death sentence.

Most establishment Democrats are NOT for Medicare-for-All and most know there is simply no way a socialist candidate, of which both Sanders and Warren are, will even win an election in this country.

So, you tell me… Did Pelosi just rig the election for Biden or is this just an odd coincidence and bad timing?

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