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Opinion: Pelosi Has Lost Control of the House

While I have never been on the same page as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), I respected the fact she was sensible enough to fight off the calls for impeachment because she knew it could be the ruin of her party.

Over the last two weeks, though, her stance has changed and it has become painfully obvious she is now nothing more than a puppet for the members of The Squad and the likes of Representatives Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) and Adam Schiff (D-CA).

Who Is Pulling the Strings?

Even people that did not like Nancy Pelosi respected her for holding off the younger and more radical members of her party.

At one point, she was doing everything in her power to keep the radical left policies out of her party.

Slowly but surely, however, Pelosi has been giving in to the calls for change from people like Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn), and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich).

Democrats and Republicans will never see eye-to-eye on most issues, but for most of our history, the two sides of the aisle have worked diligently to maintain the foundation laid down by our Founding Fathers to keep this county a Democratic Republic.

Now, Democrats are suggesting a pitch so hard left that this country would be unrecognizable to our Founding Fathers if by some miracle they were awoken from the dead and able to walk on our cherished soil today.

When you consider one of the driving factors behind our independence was to get away from big government and overzealous taxes and to promote capitalism, the fact that Democrats invoke our Founding Fathers in the same breath when discussing socialist programs and crippling taxes on successful business owners is beyond hypocritical.

They insult the very foundation of this country by calling the Electoral College corrupt when it was a system specifically put in place by our Founding Fathers to ensure no state, regardless of its size or population, would become irrelevant in a presidential election.

Impeachment the Final Straw

It became painfully clear Nancy Pelosi had lost control when she backed the call for impeachment.

Pelosi had not even seen the transcript for the Ukraine call before holding her press conference to put her support behind the impeachment inquiry.

Rep. Adam Schiff openly lied and twisted the words of the phone call, yet he was never held accountable.

The new measure to censure him is a complete joke because the damage is already done.

Anyone that heard him reading his fantasy transcript that day already believes his words were fact, not a made-up conversation Schiff wanted to have happen rather than the words that were actually spoken.

And the Biden scandal that is behind this mess…

Why is nobody even questioning the fact that Hunter Biden traveled on Air Force 2 to do personal business while his father was in the Ukraine and China?

Why does nobody ask the question as to how the age requirement was waived for Hunter Biden at the age of 43 so he could enter the Naval Reserve? Oh, by the way, there was a second waiver given due to Biden’s previous drug problems, which was clearly a mistake because he was forced to resign his commission due to testing positive for cocaine. Does anyone really believe that Biden did not pull strings or favors were being done for him to enable Hunter to enter the Navy at 43?

Why does nobody ask the question as to how Hunter Biden, who had ZERO experience in the natural resources field, gets appointed to a board position for a Ukraine natural gas company when his father was the Vice President and point man for Ukraine during the Obama administration?

Why does nobody ask how Hunter Biden was able to secure a billion-dollar financing deal with a Chinese investor when his father was also the point man for China during the Obama administration?

Joe Biden says an inquiry was made and they found he did nothing wrong. He won’t say the investigation was conducted with Democrat oversight! Does anyone really think a Democrat investigation would find the Democrat VP guilty?

If you want an answer to that, look at the investigations into the corruption of Maxine Waters, who has lined her daughter’s pockets with close to, if not more, than $1 million during her time in Congress through a shady flyers program.

We can also look at some of the problems today, such as the blatant corruption of Rep. Omar where Democrats have done nothing but censure her for her anti-Semitic comments.

She has already been found guilty of one case of campaign finance violation, has at least one other case pending, possibly ruined a marriage, and may be in this country under false pretense. This, of course, does not even take into account her association with and support of organizations deemed to be sympathetic to terrorists and terrorist organizations.

Democrats are acting with impunity right now and it all because party leadership, namely Nancy Pelosi, is allowing it to happen.

Pelosi may be the Speaker of the House, but she is clearly NOT the person calling the shots these days.

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