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Pelosi Blocks Revamped GOP Stimulus Proposal

Speaker Pelosi just blocked it again… she is out of control

The GOP took one last effort to get a stimulus package passed but Pelosi slammed the brakes on it… again.

Republicans have come up from their original $800 billion proposal to $1.8 trillion, but Pelosi wants more.

She turned down the offer, more than likely to keep Trump from getting any positive headlines before the election.

Forget the fact she is holding American workers and business owners hostage, not to mention the entire airline industry.

Pelosi called the legislation “insufficient,” as though we have an eternal vault that we can continue to pull money from.

This country is currently $23 trillion in debt and Pelosi can’t wait to dig an even deeper hole.

All she is really doing in ensuring generations of Americans pay the price for out-of-control spending habits.

Sadly, it will only get worse of Joe Biden wins.

Source: Washington Examiner

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