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Pelosi Blunders, Admits Impeachment ‘NOT About Proof’

From a legal perspective, if you want to know how much of a sham this impeachment is, just listen very closely to the words uttered by Nancy Pelosi.

During a recent press conference, Pelosi insisted this impeachment is “not a question of proof.”

According to our Speaker of the House, it is about the “allegations” that have been made against Trump.

So Much for Due Process

In our country, you are always supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

The fact that Democrats investigated Trump is not a surprise, but their investigation came up empty.

They have put as much lipstick as one possibly can on this pig, but it is still a pig.

The job of the House hearings was to find, without question, proof of wrongdoing.

Dems failed to do that, so now they are pushing the narrative that the impeachment in the Senate is about allegations, not proof that Trump did something wrong…

So, in Trump’s case, it is to prove yourself innocent, that it was not the House’s job to prove his guilt.

It Was Always About Headlines

This impeachment is historical in the fact that it is unlike anything we have ever seen in this country before.

In the two prior modern-day impeachments, there were stacks of evidence against the sitting president.

Nixon had Watergate and Clinton lied through his teeth, among other things, securing both of their guilt.

In Trump’s case, Democrats have hearsay and notes on napkins by hangers-on that they want to submit as hard evidence.

Dems know they have no case, but they just wanted to be able to say they were in office when Trump got impeached.

Pelosi has gone Hollywood, using four-figure pens etched with her signature as souvenirs and fist-bumping late-night hosts over the House impeachment.

Now, all Dems and liberals can say is “you were impeached, and that’s forever.” They all sound like petulant children than elected representatives of We the People.

Trump will be acquitted and I can only hope I last on this earth long enough to see how history judges this current class of Democrats because I am sure it will not be kind.

Source: Hannity

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