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Pelosi Finally Reveals Decision on Impeachment

Robert Mueller had no sooner walked away from the microphone on Wednesday when dozens of Democrats started to blow up Twitter demanding the impeachment of the President.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-NY) was eerily silent on the matter but finally announced Dems are still going to hold off, for now, on impeachment.

Be Patient

Pelosi continues to stress patience in the party.

While the numbers on social media say differently, Pelosi insists it is only a minority within the party that is actually ready to move forward with impeachment.

Pelosi stated, “Nothing is off the table but we do want to make such a compelling case, such an ironclad case that even the Republican Senate, which at the time seems to be not an objective jury, will be convinced.”

She further stated, “I think it’s like 35 of them out of 238, maybe its 38 out of 238, have said they wanted to be outspoken on impeachment and many of them are reflecting their views as well as those of their constituents.

“Yes, there are some, and the press makes more of a fuss about the 38 than the 200, who are over half of the Congress.”

She remains adamant the party will not move forward with impeachment until they know they can actually get the result they want.

More Than Just Congress

The problem, as Pelosi is aware, is that in addition to convincing fellow members of Congress, they also have to convince Americans this was the right thing to do.

That sentiment is clearly not there with the majority of Americans.

While the far left wants him gone, obviously, the bulk of the people in this country are, quite frankly, sick and tired of hearing about it.

The Mueller report was supposed to settle this issue, but it only muddied the waters even more.

By and large, Americans want to move on and address the issues impacting this country and their lives, not worry about the Russia probe any longer.

In the meantime, slowly but surely, Pelosi continues to lose her grip on the party.

She is getting crushed by both conservative and liberal media outlets for her lack of action and it is only a matter of time before this movement has so much momentum even she will not be able to hold them off.

Source: USA Today

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