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Pelosi Gloats on Late Night Circuit

How does the Speaker of the House celebrate a “heavy-hearted” and “somber” impeachment?

Well, in addition to spending $5,000 on souvenir pens with her laser-etched signature, she goes on the late-night talk show circuit to crack a few jokes about it.

A National Disgrace

Pelosi took no time at all to run to her buddies at the liberal late-night talk shows to gloat in her “victory.”

Her first stop, Bill Maher, who has not a single ounce of love for our president.

In fact, Maher is the one that said he hopes our economy crashes simply because it will hurt Trump win re-election.

After Maher ripped off a few wisecracks himself, he asked Pelosi what she should say to Trump if he were “accidentally” watching the show…

It Does Last Forever

Pelosi is very much correct in saying that this impeachment will last forever.

While it will be on Trump’s record, it will also be on the record of every House Democrat that voted in favor of it.

However, it will be the biggest stain for those that led the charge… Schiff, Nadler, and yes, Pelosi.

Eventually, the truth is going to come out the corruption that permeates our political system will be exposed, with Joe Biden right at the heart of it.

You would have to be a fool to believe Biden did not push some buttons to make his son’s life easier.

If and when Burisma gets fully investigated, everyone will finally realize this impeachment was more about protecting Democrat interests and corruption than it was in calling out Trump for holding back an aid check and a phone call.

Source: Fox News

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