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Pelosi Packs HEROES Act with Partisan Funding for Democrats

It was only a day ago we were warned that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was drafting legislation without any Republican input in the hopes of ramming through partisan legislation.

On Tuesday, that became a reality, as Pelosi introduced extremely partisan legislation and funding hidden deep inside the HEROES Act, a $3 trillion piece of legislation to supposedly address the COVID-19 crisis.

What They Aren’t Saying

This legislation is an atrocity in that Democrats are asking Americans to hand over more money for the likes of the cannabis industry, illegal immigration, and other very partisan programs of the Democrat party.

At the top of the list is blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants working in “essential businesses.”

That tag has grown considerably during this crisis and the reason is that Democrats are going to try to continue to use this crisis as a way to push their immigration agenda.

Not only is Pelosi asking for amnesty, but she also wants illegals to get a stimulus check as well as opening up green-card worker visas for the health care industry.

Forget putting the Americans that lost their jobs back to work… let’s take care of the illegals first.

And, as Tucker Carlson pointed out last night, if you give illegals amnesty now, Democrats will never allow us to take it back.

Another very controversial part of the bill is the cannabis industry aspect of the legislation.

In all, the industry is mentioned about five dozen times with an emphasis on helping women and minority-owned legal cannabis businesses.

In essence, let’s use our tax dollars to put more drugs on the streets of minority neighborhoods… but Democrats are here to help, right?

It gets worse, with a stipulation in the legislation that amounts to a massive prison break.

On this, Tucker Carlson stated, “This bill, believe it or not, also contains a prison break provision: It orders the release of every federal prisoner who has asthma, diabetes, or is over 50, unless the Bureau of Prisons affirmatively proves the inmate is likely to commit violence. Unbelievable.”

Sadly, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as there is an awful lot you can hide in an 1800-page document that you are hoping the American people don’t see.

If you have not yet read the HEROES Act, I would encourage you to do so in order to see exactly what Pelosi is camouflaging in this legislation.

At a time when this country needs to start thinking about pinching pennies, you should know exactly what Pelosi wants to waste your tax dollars on.

Republicans are already flying off the handle about the legislation for both what it entails and the fact there is little to no Republican input in the House’s version of this bill.

It is so bad, in fact, Senator McConnell (R-KY) more or less shrugged it off and apparently has no intention of putting anything close to Pelosi’s version on the Senate floor regardless of what happens to this bill in the House.

Sources: Fox News, Real Clear Politics, & The Hill

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