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Pence Reportedly Declines CPAC Invite

While Pence and Trump always seemed to have a tight friendship and excellent working relationship, that all was put at risk in the waning days of the administration.

After the election and riot at the Capitol, the relationship was clearly strained… so much so, that is believed to be behind the reason Pence declined to speak at CPAC this year.

Not Going

Quite a few significant names were missing from the speakers’ list for this year’s CPAC.

Among the no-shows were Nikki Haley, Senator McConnell, and yes, Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence insiders believe that the reason Pence is not attending is because he is still upset with Trump.

That is all hearsay at this point, however, but former Pence Chief of Staff Marc Short has pushed back on that, recently stating that Pence and Trump still talk.

The media would love to drive a wedge between Pence and Trump supporters, as Pence is still among the favorites behind Trump to run for office.

Hopefully, when Trump speaks this weekend (he is scheduled to speak on Sunday, February 28), he will add some clarity to this situation.

Source: Fox News

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