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Pete Buttigieg Slams America at Iowa Gay Pride Event

Presidential candidate and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg may have just cost himself some votes for a wisecrack he made at a Gay Pride event over the weekend.

While attending a Des Moines, Iowa Gay Pride event, Buttigieg stated, “We in the LGBT community know that when we hear phrases like ‘Make America Great Again,’ that that American past was never quite as great as advertised.

Not So Great America

The new “in” thing for Democrats these days is to bash America for its past, all its past.

Nobody here is pretending that there were not some shameful moments in this country’s past, but the important thing is that as a nation, we learned from these mistakes and have constantly moved forward.

Up until Donald Trump ran for president, America was consistently referred to as the greatest country on the planet.

Conservatives said it, liberals said it, everyone said it.

When Trump made “Make America Great Again” his slogan, suddenly America was never great, at least according to liberals.

It’s Just Offensive

To even say our past “was never quite as great as advertised” is a monumental insult to the people that have sacrificed their lives for this country.

One would think Buttigieg, as a veteran, would understand that.

If he never thought his country was so great, why was he willing to put his life on the line to defend it?

Why does he want to become the ultimate representative of the people?

Buttigieg was trying to take a shot at Trump but he instead offended our entire nation and some moments of outright glory.

Wouldn’t the defeat of Nazi Germany qualify as a great moment of our past?

Wouldn’t the abolishment of slavery qualify as a great moment of our past?

Wouldn’t the suffragette movement qualify as a great moment of our past?

Buttigieg could look at his own LGBT community to see the great strides that have been made to end discrimination and see numerous great moments.

No one person is perfect and surely no one country is perfect.

Both will have had shameful moments at some point, but that does not disqualify either as being great.

I, for one, am very proud of this country and its past.

We celebrate the great moments in history, and we learn from the mistakes, but we DO NOT say America “was never quite as great as advertised.”

Source: Fox News

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