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Philly Goes Full Detroit – 19 Shootings, 5 Dead Over Father’s Day Weekend

The City of Brotherly Love is not so loving anymore.

Philadelphia capped off one of the most violent weekends in recent history with a playground shooting that left one dead and four teenagers wounded.

Philly Rivaling Detroit and Chicago

Not so long ago, Detroit and Chicago held the distinct title as being some of the most violent cities in the country.

Recently, Philadelphia is making a bid to take the top rung.

This weekend was one of the most brutally violent weekends in recent history, with 19 shootings occurring over the course of Father’s Day weekend.

During those 19 shootings, it has been reported there have been five confirmed deaths and several dozen left injured.

One of the worst shootings took place at a graduation party late Sunday night.

In that shooting, a 24-year-old lost his life and four teenagers were reported to have injuries.

Police Chief Ross stated there had been no reported violence prior to that particular shooting.

Point being, the shooter or shooters probably assumed the intended victim was there and showed up solely to take him or her out.

It would appear that most of the shootings occurred in residential areas, but headlines like this will surely impact the city’s tourist appeal over the summer.

Philadelphia depends on the large crowds that swarm to the area every summer to see a part of our country’s beginnings but if this violence continues, it will surely impact tourist revenue and significantly impact local businesses that rely on the summer push.

Already Tough on Guns

The rash of shootings brings to light yet another Democrat-run city that struggles with gun violence.

While Pennsylvania is an “open carry” state, Philadelphia itself does not permit this.

The city has extremely strict gun laws with some of the stiffest penalties in the country.

That, just like Chicago and Detroit, has not stopped criminals with malicious intent from being able to get their hands on a gun to carry out their deadly mission.

It is also worth noting Philadelphia recently celebrated gaining “sanctuary” status for illegal immigrants.

It is a coincidence this once-proud city has high crime rates and an alarmingly high and climbing gun violence rate?

When graduation parties and playgrounds become the location for Wild West-style shootings, clearly, something has gone awry.

Philadelphians don’t seem to get it, though, as the city continues to elect Democrat after Democrat (there has not been a Republican mayor of Philadelphia since 1955).

All the while, the city continues to plunge deeper into financial woes and seems to grow more and more violent with every passing day.

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

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