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GOP Congressman Accuses State Department Officials of Plot to Take Down Trump

Trump supporters have long made the case there is a “deep state” operating within our own government.

Those suspicions were given much more credibility after Rep. Meadows (R-NC) revealed he has personally seen information that shows sitting ambassadors are involved in a plot to take down Trump.

The Deep State

Conspiracy theorists love to use the phrase “deep state.”

It is something that is often accused but very rarely actually proven.

That may not be the case now, though, as Rep. Meadows believes with the information from these investigations he has personally seen, there was and is definitely a coordinated effort to oust Trump.

The shocking part of the allegation, however, was the mentioning of “sitting ambassadors.”

Did he mean sitting U.S. ambassadors or foreign government ambassadors?

Either way, this is not good for Democrats if it is in fact found to be true.

Catherine Herridge, Fox News’ chief intelligence correspondent stated, “I think the congressman is referring to someone within the State Department based on my reporting.”

“My recollection is there is a tie into the State Department, so we’ll see exactly who Congressman Meadows is referring to … but that is where I think it’s going,” she added.

The Steele Dossier

At the center of these allegations is the now infamous Steele dossier.

The more information we find out about it, the more amazing it is the FBI put so much weight on it when making a case for the FISA warrants.

The latest revelation about it was that much of the dossier was compiled using a CNN search tool called iReport.

This tool basically allowed anyone to submit news stories and have them published.

While stories that were verified were distributed on all of CNN’s websites, it is safe to assume there were more than a few unverified stories on the site.

It has been compared to sites like Wikinews, which means no fact checking and no editing before the stories are posted by users.

Now we know why the dossier was debunked by the FBI (even though they used it to get the warrants).

This would be akin to using a grocery store tabloid to do a biography on someone.

During his show on Fox News, Hannity asked his panel, which included Meadows, how investigating this possible misinformation and conspiracy did not fall under Mueller’s investigation.

It is baffling, actually, that Mueller has not chosen to walk down that path considering how many other tangents he has investigated.

Meadows answer was to have Attorney General Barr appoint a new special counsel to investigate these claims.

That would seem to be a no brainer, but our government is not exactly functioning at full capacity right now with Democrats in charge of the House.

Hopefully, Meadows’ claim gets the attention of Barr and an investigation is opened up into this sooner rather than later.

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