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POLL: Trump Regains Lead in Texas

For months, Democrats have believed they can retake Texas in the upcoming presidential election.

Democrats have only won the state twice in more than four decades, but they believe this will be the year.

Those hopes had a few buckets of water poured on them after the latest Dallas Morning News poll was released.

It’s All Gone, Joe

The last time a poll was run, Joe Biden held a five-point lead against Trump in Texas.

Today, Trump is now ahead of Biden by two points and he seems to have all the momentum.

Every time Biden makes an appearance or opens his mouth, people seem to lose more faith in him.

After staying mum on the rioting that has been occurring around the country, including several major Texas cities, Biden now wants us all to believe he wants the rioting and looting to stop.

The ONLY reason he is coming out against this is because of the drop in his polling numbers.

His stance on rioting is much the same as Biden’s recent visit to Kenosha… nothing but a political stunt.

Texas may be closer than we would care to admit, but that is because we are starting to see more and more people from California move here.

For Democrats, that is a great move, because they have more than enough votes to spare in California and can use the help in the Lone Star State.

Even so, I just don’t see them taking it this time around and possibly for several more years.

I firmly believe there are a lot of Republican votes left on the table every year simply because everyone assumed Republicans will win all the important races in the state.

That can no longer be taken for granted and conservatives know if they don’t get off their couch, it could be their vote that costs this country everything.

You can read the full poll results in the Dallas Morning News.

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