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Pope Francis Issues Disturbing Edict to Church’s Ambassadors

For someone that has been very critical of our president, it is rather disturbing to hear the new edict issued by Pope Francis.

The controversial Pope has demanded the Church’s ambassadors no longer attack or challenge him in any way in their personal writings, statements, and blogs.

Do as I Say…

Pope Francis has stuck his nose in just about everywhere it does not belong.

This would include here in the United States.

Several times during the Trump administration, Pope Francis had made statements about the illegal immigration problem we have in this country.

While living in a private country protecting by massive walls, he has been overly critical of Trump for wanting to build a border wall to slow down the flow of illegal immigration.

This, of course, was going on while the Catholic Church has been under siege by a virtual wall of allegations against its priests for assaulting children.

This is a scandal Pope Francis himself has been deeply rooted in, as he was directly tied to some of the individuals that went unpunished or were sent elsewhere to avoid being punished by local law enforcement.

No Backtalk

The Pope is a polarizing figure within his own assembly.

He is vehemently defended by some while openly criticized by others.

That criticism is now to cease, according to the most recent edict issued by the Vatican.

The Pope stated, “A man of God does not deceive or defraud others, does not give in to gossip or bad-mouthing others.

“He conserves a pure mind and heart, not allowing his eyes and ears to be contaminated by the filth of the world.

“Nuncios who ‘go off the rails damage even the Church.”

Well, if the church is off the rails, don’t its members have a right to question it and demand answers?

Apparently not, at least according to Pope Francis.

So, on we go with a leader of the Catholic church that does his very best to sweep any and all problems under the rug yet continues to be critical of anyone and anything he does not agree with.

He chastises his priests for accepting gifts or favors yet lives like a king while parish schools are closing and smaller parishes in poor communities are shuttering doors.

The Pope is NOT a holy figure but rather a regular man that has proven to be nothing more than a hypocrite who will do just about anything to remain in power and keep one of the most corrupt organizations in the world functional.

Source: Daily Mail

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