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Portland Protests Break Out in Violence… AGAIN

ANTIFA showed up in on the streets of Portland, OR again.

And again, they were allowed to wear full riot gear and be armed.

Many of the protesters had weapons, mace, and of course, milkshakes.

Organized Violence

The Mayor of Portland promised to be ready for this, but based on the social media pictures I have seen, this protest turned violent fast and just kept escalating…

Or how about a man simply walking down the street, doing nothing, and getting attacked…

The bottom video on here was one of the worst I saw all day.

The young girl in the video cannot be more than 12 years old, yet she is being attacked, then chased by ANTIFA members…

Again, look at the bottom video of a man clearly looking for a confrontation.

After the man actually agrees with him, he continues to get in his face…

This cannot be allowed to continue.

Even if Trump does not tag ANTIFA with a domestic terror label, something has to be done about the way they are permitted to show up for these rallies.

You simply cannot permit people to show up in full riot gear and expect anything but bad things to happen.

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y) recently stated he wanted to introduce legislation to block people from being able to get bulletproof vests as well as creating federal penalties for anyone carrying a gun and wearing body armor, yet he and the rest of his fellow Democrats refuse to address the way ANTIFA dresses for its rallies.

These people are not even fighting individuals that would provide resistance, but rather picking on people like that older gentleman and a little girl that cannot even defend themselves.

Something has to be done about this group and it must be done soon!

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