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President Trump Job Approval Rate Soars

A new Rasmussen poll did not give Democrats the news they wanted.

President Trump now has a 53 percent approval rating, according to the latest polling.

Beating Obama

In April 2011, which is the same time in his presidency as Trump is now, President Obama had a 46 percent job approval rating.

This is great news for Trump, not so much for the Democrat party.

Trump is also beating Obama on disapproval ratings.

During Obama’s second year, 38 percent of those polled strongly disapproved of the job he was doing.

For Trump, that same number sits at 36 percent.

Trump wins the “strongly approve” category as well, with a 37 percent rating compared to Obama’s 21 percent rating.

This is a significant improvement for Trump on all fronts, and I think we know why.

America Moving Forward

There is little doubt many people were reserving their judgment about Trump’s presidency simply because they were unsure if Trump even belonged in the White House.

The Mueller report exonerated the President on collusion, wiping that doubt away.

Now, it just comes down to if Trump is delivering on his campaign promises, which for the most part he is.

Americans are starting to realize Democrats are more in the market of stopping Trump than they are actually helping this country move forward.

When you look at the obstruction Trump has faced in both Congress and the courts, it is really amazing he has been able to push through any of his policies.

Trump took a small hit in approval ratings when the border wall was blocked, but that also seems to be a thing of the past.

Trump is now using emergency funding to begin construction, which should garner him an even higher approval rating.

His increased rating could also be a sign Americans are simply sick and tired of the Democrats and their childlike behavior in Congress.

Couple this news with Attorney General Barr agreeing the Trump campaign was being spied on and opening an investigation into the FBI over the FISA warrants, and it is a very good day for Donald Trump.

You can read the full report on Breitbart.

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