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President Trump Warns Rioters to Stay Away from Tulsa Rally

President Trump has been fighting tooth and nail to get his campaign season kicked off with a big rally.

On the eve of the much-anticipated Tulsa rally, Trump let everyone know rioters are officially put on notice if they think they are going to ruin this night for the President’s supporters.

You Have Been Warned

Even before a threat of possible agitators attending the Trump rally, the entire event almost got canceled.

Democrats and the media, while never saying anything about the riots and protests, tried to create a negative public narrative over the Trump rally.

For the last week, this is all that has been in the headlines, with an eventual case being filed to try to block the event altogether.

Then, the mayor of Tulsa put a curfew into effect due to a warning from the Secret Service that possible attacks could happen against Trump supporters.

All that got cleared up on Friday, however, as the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that the rally can go on as planned.

Trump seemed very confident he was going to win the case, though, sending out a threatening warning early Friday to those planning to disrupt the rally on Saturday night…

Another Curfew in Place?

In an effort to keep everyone safe, the city is cordoning off a section of the city to try to keep protesters and rioters away from the rally and Trump supporters.

Additionally, Breitbart was reporting that a curfew will go into effect immediately after the rally to ensure rallygoers remain protected as they leave the venue.

Trump, however, had tweeted out later on Friday that the curfew would not be in effect after the rally, so that part of the report remains in question as to what the police are planning afterward.

Tonight’s rally marks the official kick-off for the Trump campaign and we can surely expect Trump to go after Biden hard.

He needs to lure Biden out of his basement if he is going to turn the polling numbers around and my guess is that Trump tries to embarrass Biden as much as possible as well as making as many inflammatory comments as he can to get Biden to comment.

Trump will more than likely also start to push the idea of more debates to try to get Biden to commit more gaffes with the entire country looking on.

There will more than likely also be a big push on law and order, as the line has clearly been drawn by Democrats on this issue, with some in the party even backing the abolishment of police altogether.

Source: Breitbart

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