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Press Secretary McEnany Stops Press Conference to Educate Liberal Reporter

If you don’t watch Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany every day, you are truly missing something wonderful.

There is not a question that can be presented where she does not put the media in its place and set them straight.

For instance, when a reporter challenged her on the problems with widespread mail-in voting problems, she absolutely shredded him…

The really odd thing about the media is that despite the problems we have seen throughout the country during the primary elections that relied on heavy mail-in voting, the media is holding onto the narrative that there will be no problems.

This is more about just fraud, as well, as it could literally take months to find out who wins the election if every state is counting massive stacks of mail-in votes.

Look at the problems we have already seen in New York, where more than a month after the primary some election results are still unknown!

The longer the results take to be released, the more likely there are to be lawsuits.

Trump recently stated that it could take years to find out who wins, and he was widely mocked by the media, but he is right.

If, for example, election results take three months to finalize and numerous states are very close, there will undoubtedly be a call for a recount.

If, during that process, we find out ballots were discarded, there will be lawsuits filed.

And, guess who gets to sit in the Oval Office and Dems hold the House if we don’t have a declared winner by January 20, 2021? Yes, that would be Nancy Pelosi.

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