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Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Blasts Rep. Schiff, Tells Him to ‘Shut the Heck Up’


Even with the Mueller report exonerating the President on collusion allegations, Democrats refuse to give up.

After Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) stated he has “significant evidence of collusion” on Donald Trump, Sanders reached her breaking point.

Sanders stated, “Adam, you’ve been saying you’ve got evidence. Show up with a box of it and empty it on the Capitol steps or shut the heck up!”

Won’t Let Go

Liberals and Democrats in office were heartbroken the Mueller investigation did not lead to a Trump indictment.

They have been pitching this story to voters for two years, so did anyone really expect the facts of the case to get in the way of their narrative.

Apparently, Rep. Schiff knows better than Robert Mueller, who took two years and more than $25 million in taxpayer funds to tell us something we all already knew… Trump was innocent.

Several of the liberal pundits on networks tried to spin this twenty different ways, and all looking foolish in the process.

Then, of course, there are our elected representatives, like Schiff, that are now threating to investigate the Mueller investigation because it did not get the results they wanted.

Think about this…

The investigative team was stacked with liberals that despised Trump.

There was biased texts and conversations uncovered during the investigation that proved some of the members of Mueller’s team were biased against Trump.

Still, with all of that, Trump comes out smelling like roses.

Bring Them to Justice

We learned two things from this investigation: Trump is innocent and there is a deep state trying to take out Trump.

Deep State is not a term to throw around casually.

It is the ultimate in conspiracy theory, but it absolutely fits the situation here.

There are definitely moles inside the Justice Department and still within the administration that do not want to see Trump succeed.

It is now time to weed these individuals out and bring them to justice.

Sanders breached this topic, stating, “Let Lindsey Graham and the Senate Judiciary Committee go after: Who were the conspirators? Who were the ones who inside the Justice Department and FBI actually conspired to bring down the President?”

Along with those individuals, it is time for every Democrat that has been misleading the American people to be brought to justice.

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