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Private Group Funding Transfer of Undocumented Immigrants to Dallas

Dallas is apparently set to become the new home for hundreds of illegal immigrants.

A private group, the Annunciation House, is reportedly the group behind the funding of the transfer of illegals from El Paso to Dallas.

Calling on Church Groups

The Annunciation Group has funded several of these types of moves already and has Dallas targeted next.

When the move was first presented, a Dallas County Judge, Clay Jenkins, shot the idea down.

The refusal was based on there being no place to house the illegals.

Ruben Garcia, the founder and executive director of the Annunciation House, hopes to change that.

Garcia is reaching out to all the local Dallas church communities to see if they can provide shelter for the illegals.

According to Garcia, a Sante Fe-based organization is willing to pony up the cash to ship one or two buses of illegals every week into Dallas.

So Far, No Rooms

Thankfully, the local churches have yet to respond to Garcia.

David Woodyard, who is the CEO of Dallas Catholic Charities, said to this point, not one church in the area is stepping up.

Another group, Buckner International, has stated it has not yet been asked, but the organization would be more than happy to help.

This is surely not going to sit well with most Dallas residents.

Garcia is adamant they do not “dump” illegals but only take them where housing has been arranged.

Once here, though, they are going to be living in the communities, getting anchored.

Did Dallas suddenly become a sanctuary city?

The city of Dallas is already going the wrong way financially and the burden of supporting illegals will only make matters worse.

Perhaps these organizations should be more focused on helping our veterans living on the street before we bring illegals that need to be supported.

If you live in the Dallas area, I would strongly encourage you to pick up the phone and start to call the Mayor’s office as well as the office of your city council member.

Dallas cannot be permitted to become a dumping ground for illegals.

You can read the full report on Dallas News.

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