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Protester Claims Police Shot Him for No Reason, But the Video Says…

After being shot by police with what were either bean bags or rubber bullets, a man blasted out on Twitter that he had been shot for no reason.

According to his story, he was doing nothing wrong, but the video tells a completely different story.

The Truth Always Comes Out

In today’s age, there is always a camera rolling, so lying just doesn’t make any sense.

The man who was doing nothing can be seen in a different video allegedly fanning the flames of a fire outside of a federal courthouse.

He can also allegedly be seen adding items to the fire to keep it burning.

Here are the two videos of both the main proclaiming his innocence as well as the video of him allegedly giving the fire a little help…

Here is another video from a different angle…

20 years ago, the police who shot him would have probably lost their jobs.

Today, with everyone having their phones rolling, these police officers have been proven to be doing nothing but their jobs.

Rather than spouting off at the mouth claiming police brutality, this fine young citizen would have been far better off keeping his mouth shut and walking away as well as being thankful he was not arrested and facing felony charges for destruction of federal property.

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