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Red Wave Hits New Hampshire… Trump Sets Voting Record

The new socialist wave was celebrating the big win by Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire, but that was far from the real news.

For conservatives hoping to see Trump re-elected, the big news was the massive turnout for the primary for Donald J. Trump, which obliterated records for previous incumbents during a primary race.

Let’s Talk About the Dems

Before we get into Trump’s big night, let’s talk about those Democrats.

At the top of the heap was Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg.

Once again, Mayor Pete and Bernie the Communist stole the show, taking down the lion’s share of the delegates.

Amy Klobuchar came in third, getting a few scraps off the table and everyone else was shut out.

Warren had hoped to have a big showing here, it being a neighboring state to her home state, but she finished in fourth place.

All the way back in fifth was the alleged Democrat frontrunner, Joe Biden, who was completely shut out.

So, after two states have voted, Creepy Uncle Joe has yet to crack double digits.

Trump Still Setting Records

If anyone was worried that conservatives are going to stay on the couch and sit this one out, there does not seem to be a reason to worry.

While there are several candidates running against Trump, nobody expects them to win.

As such, it would be perfectly understandable if, say, 50,000 or so people showed up to cast a vote.

Over the last three incumbent elections, that is about the norm.

In 1996, Bill Clinton received 76,797 votes during the primary.

In 2004, Bush received 53,962 votes during the primary.

In 2012, Barack Hussein Obama received 49,080 votes during the primary.

Donald Trump, in 2020, received 128,954 votes with 98 percent reporting.

The support for Trump is being driven by his supporters, the RNC, and Trump himself.

Previous incumbents neglected the state during the primary season, but the RNC has people on the ground, knocking on doors, and Donald Trump himself held a rally there the night before the election to generate support.

It would appear as though we finally have a president that actually cares about our smaller states and the people that live in them rather only stopping by on election day.

In 2016, Hillary narrowly defeated Trump, winning by less than 3,000 votes in New Hampshire after having lost the state to Bernie during the primary.

Unless Bernie wins the nomination, the excitement in the state for Trump could point to a massive upset in New Hampshire, a traditionally blue state.

Source: Fox News

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