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Reince Priebus Says He Has the Secret to Beating Joe Biden

At one time, Reince Priebus was touted as the future of the party, but that all changed after the 2016 election and his short stint as Trump’s chief of staff.

While he no longer serves the administration, Priebus is still a top member of the Republican Party, and he believes he has found the secret to ensuring Donald Trump a win come election day in November.

We Need More Joe

Priebus and I seem to be on the same page in terms of what Trump needs to do to lock down a big win come November.

The answer is right in front of everyone’s face… force Biden to make more appearances, preferably directly against Donald Trump.

Priebus believes Trump needs to demand that Biden debate him six times before the election.

If he does this, Biden is bound to mess up, losing more and more support along the way.

Priebus stated, “[Former DNC chairman] Terry McAuliffe is saying the obvious, which is less of Joe Biden is better.

“‘We’re just going to make the race about the incumbent,’ and that’s what you do when you are the challenger.

“But here’s the problem: He can’t hide forever. And my advice to the Trump campaign is to not accept the commission’s three-debate limit.

“I think the debates are going to be very important. I think the president is going to eat up Joe Biden in the debates.

“I think they should say we want six debates, not three debates in September and October because of COVID and all the other restrictions, have as many late-game changes as you can while the economy is healing.

“And eventually, the American people will seek Donald Trump against a sort of an incoherent Joe Biden that can’t put three things together in a row.

“And so, the debates will make a big difference.

“My advice is blow up the three-debate commission limit and double it and go for that at the end of the campaign.

“They should focus on that like a laser beam.”

This is very strong advice for Trump and advice I think he should take because it is a no-win situation for Biden and can’t lose situation for Trump.

If Biden refuses, Trump gets to call him a coward for not wanting to debate him.

And, as stated above, if Joe Biden does accept, there is little doubt he will end up hurting himself by either losing his temper or making another monumental gaffe.

Call for the debates now, President Trump, and let’s expose Biden for the weak candidate he truly is.

Source: Breitbart

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