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Released Video Proves the Cops Got It Right

Every time we turn around, local police are being blasted as murderers who are too quick to pull the trigger.

I have always maintained that 99 percent of police officers are going about their business the right way but that it is never reported.

So, we feel obliged to report on the shooting by Sgt. David Cohen of Finan Berhe, where the bodycam footage shows that without a doubt, Sgt. Cohen acted properly.

The Video Tells All

The circumstances surrounding this shooting are the very example of why officers need to wear body cameras at all times.

Sergeant Cohen is a white officer and the shooting victim in this incident is black.

Were it not for this footage, we would probably be dealing with calls of racism on the force and the murder of Berhe.

In the footage, Sgt. Cohen clearly does not want to pull the trigger and tells Berhe numerous times to drop the weapon.

Sgt. Cohen at one point even tells Berhe, “I don’t want to shoot you!”

How It Went Down

Maryland police had been called to the scene when a neighbor called in to say that a man had thrown a rock through a window and told his neighbor to call the police.

If that is true, Berhe was clearly looking for a confrontation with the police.

When the officer arrived, Berhe could be seen brandishing a knife in one hand.

After several warnings, Berhe charged at the officer and a neighbor could be heard in the background telling Berhe not to do it.

With Berhe charging the officer with a knife in hand, Sgt. Cohen had no choice but to fire and take Berhe down.

After Berhe was taken down, Montgomery County Police Chief Marcus Jones stated that Sgt. Cohen did render first aid, but Behre was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Source: Fox News & Washington Post

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