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Rep. Ilhan Omar Ripped for Blaming Virginia Beach Shooting on NRA

Another tragic mass shooting and another Democrat attack against the NRA.

In the wake of 12 people being killed and four more injured, Rep. Ilhan Omar saw fit to blame the shooting on the NRA, not the man that actually carried out the attack…

The Shooting

DeWayne Craddock, the alleged shooter, walked into a Virginia Beach municipal building and opened fire.

Craddock would eventually be taken out by police responding to the shooting.

However, by that time, 12 people had lost their lives and four more were battling injuries.

Additionally, a police officer was hit, but he was lucky in that his vest stopped the bullet.

Police at this time have no motive for the shooting.

Omar places the blame on the NRA because the firearms used in the attack were reportedly purchased legally.

Additionally, Craddock had a suppressor for his .45-caliber pistol.

Anti-Gun Politicians and Activists

Immediately after the shooting, activists and Democrats took to social media to blame the NRA and once again go after the Second Amendment.

Along with Omar, Parkland survivor David Hogg asked, “How many more?”

Sentiments continued to pour in from both sides of the gun debate, one attacking the NRA, the other offering condolences to the family and defending the Second Amendment.

Omar, though, seemed to bear the brunt of the criticism from the right.

Among those coming back at her was Dana Loesch, who immediately sent out this tweet as a response…

Loesch is right in that we do have some serious questions about what happened here.

The reaction by both sides in this argument is very predictable and sad.

In a few days, this will all die down and people will forget about it, but those very serious questions will remain unanswered.

What prompted this man and the others that went on mass shooting sprees?

Are there signs people can look for that someone may be considered extreme behavior?

Did this man have a history of mental illness?

This issue is not about the NRA and should not be about the Second Amendment.

It should, however, be about getting to the root of the problem of what makes these individuals snap that they feel their only recourse is to walk into a building or a school and unleash hell on everyone around them.

Until we get those questions answered, everything else is just noise.

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