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Rep. Jayapal Tweet Completely Backfires on Her

At a time when Democrats are trying to work up as much support as possible for their ridiculous spending spree, Rep. Jayapal (D-WA) picked a really bad time to send out her tweet.

Jayapal thought it would be a good time ask people what they could do if $50k in student loan debt was forgiven, but it seemed like she got more people pushing back than supporting the idea of taxpayers absorbing $1.5 trillion in loan debt.

What About Me?

This is the tweet that Jayapal sent out…

That solicited two types of responses… people that wanted to know about getting a refund for the loan they already paid off and people that wanted to know why they had to help payback loans when they did not even go to college themselves…

As was mentioned in the one tweet, kill the interest if need be and give friendlier payback terms, but we simply cannot ask taxpayers to absorb this type of debt.

Democrats say they are not socialists, but that is very much the direction they are trying to take this country.

Source: Fox News

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