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Rep. Maxine Waters Calls Police ‘Racist, Ignorant, & Stupid’

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has been front and center in the three-plus-year hate program being waged against conservatives in this country.

The death of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks has now apparently enabled her to add our law enforcement to that campaign.

Waters Goes on the Attack

It is rather ironic that Waters, who undoubtedly has a security team, is going after the police so hard.

Her district is riddled with homelessness and crime, yet she wants to lump all police into a single pile because of the actions of so few.

Say what you want, but the death of Rayshard Brooks, in my opinion, is on Brooks, not Officer Rolfe.

Had he allowed himself to be cuffed and fought his battle out in court, the outcome would have been significantly different.

Instead, he fought the police, stole a taser from one of the officers, then ran.

Even so, had he not turned and pointed that weapon at Officer Rolfe, he would still be alive today.

Instead, Rolfe had to make a split-second decision to defend himself from being tased, possibly giving Brooks access to the other weapons on his belt, or take Brooks down.

Waters, however, sees this far differently.

Waters assumed that most cops are dirty, stupid, and racist…

This Has to Stop

The attack on our police officers as a whole needs to stop.

Do officers need better training? That is a question few would probably disagree with today because of techniques we have seen used on ALL suspects, not just the African American community, as Democrats like Waters would love us all to believe.

However, virtually all officers employed are a positive influence in their communities, but that may no longer be the case because of attacks like the one Waters is waging.

Over the last week, we have seen the result of such attacks, with officers being ambushed and attacked virtually every day.

The poorest communities in this country rely on the police to protect the law-abiding citizens in these communities, yet these are the very same people that will fall victim to mob rule if people like Waters have their way.

Source: Washington Examiner

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