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Rep. Omar Slams Trump Administration for ‘Bullying’ Venezuela

Democrats, to this point, have been very silent about the revolt underway in Venezuela.

That all changed on Thursday when Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) accused the Trump administration and the United States of “bullying” Venezuela, directly resulting in the uprising that is happening.

Understanding Venezuela

Before we can break down Omar’s comments, it is important to understand exactly how Venezuela arrived at this point.

President Maduro’s term was to have ended on January 10.

The Venezuelan Constitution calls for officials be elected.

Maduro knew he would not win an honest election, so he created a parallel legislature under Articles 347 & 348.

He used this to create an “electoral” process rather than conduct a popular vote.

Maduro was able to create a system whereby all members of the alternative assembly were under his power, ensuring victory.

What he did, though, was in direct violation of Article 347 because there was never a constitutional convention to create a national referendum making these changes the new law.

After Maduro was sworn in on January 10, opposition leader Juan Guaido invoked the Constitution, in essence becoming the acting president until a proper election could be held.

This move was supported by most democratically-oriented countries, including the United States.

The President threw the support of the United States behind Guaido, while countries like Cuba and Russia continued to back Maduro.

Backing Guaido

It is hard to understand anyone in this country backing Maduro, but that, in essence, is what Rep. Omar has done.

Her quote of saying “We must support diplomacy, not war” is utterly ridiculous.

The United States tried diplomacy and all it did was make Maduro dig in deeper.

Furthermore, it is the citizens of Venezuela who have to cross a border to buy eggs, bread, and milk that have revolted, not the United States.

Maduro literally stole the election away from the people and all Guaido is doing is trying to give the country back to the people of Venezuela.

Omar should be supporting that effort, not the socialist-autocratic rule of Maduro.

Sources: Fox News / Lawfare

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