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Report: 84,500 Undocumented Immigrants Released by DHS

Anyone saying there is not a problem along our southern borders is just flat out lying.

A new report cited roughly 84,500 illegal immigrants were cut loose by the Department of Homeland Services (DHS) over the last two months.

Catch and Release

We have been warned by DHS officials for months the Catch and Release program has been more active than ever.

That sentiment has even been echoed by ICE union officials.

Those very union officials recently sent a letter to President Trump on this very subject.

The letter stated, “As you know, every day thousands of illegal aliens are being released into the United States by your administration. ‘Catch and Release’ is not just happening, it’s in overdrive.”

This was not a critique, but rather an observance.

Union officials were making the case this is necessary because there simply is not enough space at detention centers to hold everyone being apprehended.

System Needs to be Fixed

Not only does this program add tens of thousands of illegals to our population every month, but it also happens to be very expensive.

The process starts with their apprehension.

After working their way through the system, these illegals are then released in border towns on the premise they are going to show up for their immigration trials.

History has told us this is mere fantasy, though, as only a small percentage actually make their court date.

In the meantime, our border cities get overwhelmed with illegals, putting a massive strain on these communities.

In far too many cases, border patrol or ICE end up repeating the process on the same individuals time and time again.

This is yet another problem related to immigration that costs our country billions every year that could be lessened significantly if we had a border wall.

We know most of these individuals are crossing in areas with little or no border security.

Some of these areas have fencing or obstructions to prevent cars from crossing, but they are easy to step over for pedestrians making the crossing on foot.

The solution is easy… build the wall.

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