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Report: Austin TX ‘BLM Protesters’ Attack Black Police Officer

Austin, TX was the scene of mass protests all week, but things got testy on Thursday.

Numerous posts have popped up on social media showing white protesters clashing with a black Texas State Trooper during one of the “protests.”

Police Not Safe

The rhetoric coming from Democrats these days is emboldening protesters to challenge police as we have never seen before.

They more or less know any aggressive act by a police officer will now be considered to be police brutality.

On the flip side of that, any officer that is now being challenged or threatened is hesitant to act for fear of losing his or her job. Or worse, they are sent to jail merely for protecting themselves.

During the protests at the Texas Capitol, a black trooper was put in this very position, surrounded by protesters yelling racial slurs at him and calling him an “Uncle Tom” for wearing the badge…

We are seeing scenes like this play out more and more and it is unlikely to stop as long as Democrats are talking about defunding police forces.

Not Safe for Trump Supporters

Anyone that is openly a Trump supporter is also now at risk within these protests.

It doesn’t matter if you support their cause or are there to have a dialogue, because the intolerant left just goes into battle mode as soon as they get triggered.

During those same Austin protests, a young man with a Trump shirt attended the rally.

He seemed to be telling other protesters he was there to support them, but they wanted nothing to do with him.

He was quickly surrounded and put into a very dangerous situation as well as finding himself being pelted with water bottles and spit on.

I have said this before but it appears to fall on deaf ears. Fighting and attacking people is not the way to get them to support your cause.

This was a young man that seemed to be there with an open ear, and they probably sent him home filled with anger and rage, unlikely to ever listen again.

Source: The Blaze

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