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Report: Barr May Re-Open Hillary Investigation

Our new Attorney General is apparently not happy with how the Hillary Clinton email investigation went.

According to Senator Lyndsey Graham (R-SC), Barr was “pretty upset” with the FBI for how it handled the investigation.

Special Counsel

Graham has been after Hillary for years, and this news no doubt got his ears perked right up.

Senator Graham does not have a grudge against Hillary.

No, what he has is a complete disgust knowing the only reason she got away with what she did was because of who she is.

Graham pointed to the many mistakes that occurred during her investigation.

For instance, the FBI never put Hillary under oath when they interviewed her.

Because of that, Hillary could have said anything and it would not have mattered, because she could not be charged with perjury because she was never put under oath.

Members of Hillary’s staff were given immunity but did not provide any information of use to the FBI.

Compared to the Mueller investigation, not a single person went to jail for lying.

Graham stated this did not happen “because there was no process.”

“I know Bill Barr pretty well, and he’s pretty upset about the way all this was handled,” Graham stated.

While Graham does not know if Barr will go as far as convening a Special Counsel to investigate, he is going to try to push him down that road.

Public Perception

As stated above, for Graham, this is not about making Hillary go to jail; it’s about justice.

Graham stated, “I’m not so much worried about retrying her, but I want to make sure the public understands that she got away with something they wouldn’t get away with.

“I think it’s more important to understand that political bias probably drove the Clinton outcome, not the facts.

“I really don’t believe that Comey just took over the investigation from Lynch based on a tarmac meeting.

“I just want the American public to know that the standard used against Clinton is an outlier.”

Clearly, the same scrutiny being paid to Trump was never paid to Hillary.

If it were, she would be in an orange jumpsuit right now.

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