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REPORT: Biden Cybersecurity Expert Linked to Racist Group

Leave it to Joe Biden to have a racist on his team.

For all the flack Trump gets about being a racist, there is actual proof behind the links to Joe Biden and racism, including a team member.

Racist Troll

A new report was just published on MSN linking a current Joe Biden campaign cybersecurity expect to a racist troll group called the Gay N—– Association of America.

The employee, Jackie Singh, has been with the Biden campaign since July.

He has been linked to the organization mentioned above, a group that was founded by white nationalist Andrew Auernheimer.

According to the MSN report:

“From 2009 to 2016, Singh, under the username ‘jax,’ routinely spammed advertising for the GNAA, which relied upon shock messaging to attract members, in IRC channels. Screenshots show that Singh used the same handle, ‘jax.,’ on Stickam, a defunct streaming platform popular in the mid-2000s.”

There are now some very serious questions being asked about Biden’s vetting process.

If this were Trump, the media would be all over it, instead, it is being widely ignored.

It would be one thing if this was the first link between Biden and racism, but it is not, as we all know.

You can read the full report on

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