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Report: Biden to Announce Running Decision on Wednesday

The long wait to find out if Joe Biden will be adding his name to the hat for the 2020 election is apparently going to be over on Wednesday.

An unnamed source stated, “The plan is to go Wednesday.”

However, the source also stated depending on what is breaking, the announcement could get pushed back to Thursday.

Soul of America

Biden has been sitting on the sidelines longer than expected.

Most believe this was so Biden could do damage control on the sexual misconduct allegations that were made against him over the last month or so.

Now, however, it would seem to be full bore ahead for Biden.

The reported theme of the campaign is going to be “The Battle for the Soul of America.”

Pretty ironic considering Biden has been accused of inappropriately touching the wives and daughters of some of his closest friends.

A Crowded Field

If Biden does in fact announce next week, Democrats will have close to two dozen candidates from which to choose.

While the field is crowded, there are really only a couple of serious contenders.

This is very reminiscent of the early days of the Republican primary, where there were more than a dozen candidates in the fight.

Like the Republican primary in 2016, this field will thin out considerably in the very early stages of the primary.

There are four states up for grabs before Super Tuesday, which will be on March 3.

By the time we get there, this field will probably be cut in half, if not thinned out even more.

Biden will no doubt be in that finalist class along with Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris.

Other than those three candidates, nobody has put themselves in a position that would lead us to believe they are a serious contender to get the Democrat nod.

Source: The Atlantic

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