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REPORT: Border Towns Will Be Devasted by Biden Restrictions on ICE


Of the many Executive Orders that Joe Biden has signed, many of them have been to benefit illegal immigrants in this country and asylum seekers.

Among those orders was the reactivation of the “catch and release” policy that was so controversial under the Obama administration.

Further restrictions were put on Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to only arrest and deport illegal border crossers convicted of an aggravated felony, a policy that many analysts believe will cripple ICE and destroy border towns.

Let Them Go

Among the crimes the Biden administration is willing to look past are drunk driving, simple assault, and some drug crimes.

We also recently learned that not all of these individuals being released are being tested for COVID-19 before being sent on their way into local communities.

This is going to put Texas counties such as El Paso, Reeves, Howard, Harris, Hidalgo, Dallas, Willacy, Garza, Travis, Cameron, Tarrant, Concho, Walker, Webb, and Bexar at risk.

And, this is but one state.

Illegals are also being released throughout Arizona, California, and New Mexico.

To show the impact, if we go back to 2018, local law enforcement in El Paso turned over 8,300 illegals to ICE that year.

Every one of them would have been released to the local community under the current rules.

Center for Immigration Studies’ Director of Policy Jessica Vaughan stated, “Biden’s order is a reckless experiment that is bound to have a human cost.”

She added, “If the new Biden deportation policies had been in force and applied to ICE’s 2018 interior caseload, a total of 91,993, or 96.5 percent, would not have been subject to removal.

“Only about 3,367, or 3.5 percent, would have been considered appropriate to remove from the country.”

If this scares you, it should, because it only gets worse from here.

You can read the full report on Breitbart.

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