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REPORT: Detention Camp Re-opened for Migrant Children Contaminated with Military Waste

There have been a lot of headlines regarding Biden putting kids in cages the past week.

Biden has decided to reopen holding facilities that had been closed by the Trump administration after significant outrage.

Some of those facilities, however, now appear dangerous for human occupancy.

Contaminated Facilities

The camp in Homestead, FL, that is being used to hold the overflow of unaccompanied children had a bombshell report released about it this week.

An independent investigation was conducted by Emma Shaw Crane on this facility.

According to Crane, the facility is contaminated with military waste…

Just a little refresher for everyone… here are some reports that circulated when the facilities were opened up during the Trump administration…

So, if Democrats were outraged then, knowing what we know now about these facilities, where is the outrage that should be even louder now?

Or, is this suddenly okay because a Democrat is now living in the residential quarters of the White House?

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