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REPORT: Durham Probe Will End with No More Indictments

The day the Durham probe was announced, I was on the record stating that nothing would ever come of it because politicians protect their own.

I wish I would have been wrong, but new reports are now breaking that John Durham is about to wrap up the investigation with no further indictments.

President Trump was furious when the report was not released before the election, and now we know why.

The Federalist’s Sean Davis is reporting that Durham was holding back to see who won the election.

With the media now declaring Joe Biden the winner, the probe is getting put in the can to avoid blowback…

So, not only do Comey and McCabe get to walk scot-free, but they also get to thumb their nose at the system and talk as though they never did anything wrong.

It’s a complete disgrace. I have said forever that Barr was part of the swamp, and this absolutely proves it.

You can read more about this report on Voz Wire.

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