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Report: Internal FB Memo Reveals Candace Owens Targeted

Conservatives have long believed Facebook is clamping down on conservative news sources.

This morning, conservative pundit Candace Owens revealed she was informed she is being targeted by Facebook for removal.

Already Suspended

Earlier in the week, the Trump administration unveiled a new page on its website to help battle against conservative censorship from social media platforms.

As the week progressed, Candace Owens was alerted by Facebook a post she had made about White supremacy NOT being a threat to Black America was against community standards.

She tweeted to President Trump about the suspension…

Low and behold, Facebook reinstated her account and apologized.

Alert Alert

Early Saturday morning, Candace Owens sent out another tweet on the matter.

This time, she quoted a tweet about an alleged source at Facebook that told Breitbart News Facebook has a hit list of sorts for “hate agents.”

Facebook keeps the list to track the accounts for potential deletion if they go too far with their posts.

Candace Owens is reportedly on that list.

Ms. Owens, as far as I can tell, has NEVER posted anything promoting hate.

She has some very strong opinions about Black America and liberals, but she is not a hate monger.

Her message is centered around minorities waking up to the damage that is being done to them by the Democrat party.

As such, she has become an enemy of the liberal state and is clearly a target for censorship.

Many believe Facebook is systematically eliminating all sources of conservative news or severely limited their voices.

I have personally seen this with my own pages, usually getting less than three percent reach.

Collectively, we have to fight this by not waiting for information to get to us but rather seeking the information out on our own and spreading it as much as possible.

If you like a conservative page on Facebook or follow a conservative source on Twitter, visit those pages and accounts every day.

You will often find most of posts are not actually showing up on your feed.

The only way to ensure you are seeing everything that person or source has to say is to make a point of visiting that page or account EVERY day and sharing the posts you support.

Otherwise, the conservative voice will die.

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