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REPORT: McConnell Supports Democrat Move to Impeach Trump

Late last night, reports started to blow up all over the internet about a big swing from Senator McConnell (R-KY).

McConnell now appears to have made a complete break from Trump.

Reports stated that McConnell is glad Democrats have moved to impeach Trump, wanting him purged from the party forever.

Change of Heart

With Trump on the ropes, the President is getting a great look at how the rats in D.C. operate.

Their mentality is above all else, protect your own tail, and that is exactly what most of the Republican party is doing right now, including McConnell.

McConnell, behind the scenes, is reportedly encouraging Democrats to impeach Trump, which means he is probably working to garner enough support to get the votes in the Senate to have the impeachment pass.

If the report is accurate (McConnell’s office has not yet commented on these reports), it is not a stretch that McConnell could get the 17 votes needed on the Republican side to impeach Trump once the new Georgia Senators are sworn in.

You can read more about McConnell’s big swing on Fox News.

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