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Report: More Biden Hunter Scandals Begin to Surface

While Joe Biden was appearing on “60 Minutes” telling everyone his son did nothing wrong, several new scandals started to circulate revolving around Hunter Biden.

Not so shockingly, at least one of them might have involved his father’s political contacts while serving as the vice president.

New Scandals

Towards the end of the Obama administration, Hunter Biden traveled to Romania to meet Gabriel Popoviciu, a real estate tycoon.

Popoviciu, like other Hunter Biden business contacts, was accused of corruption.

Not only did Hunter Biden’s work with Popoviciu go unreported at the time, but it is also worth noting that Joe Biden happened to be leading the way for the United States in fighting corruption in Romania.

So, was he fighting it or actually contributing to it?

Hunter Biden has also been attached to a fraudulent bond scheme.

His name was allegedly used by individuals who were arrested and charged in a $60 million securities fraud scheme.

The scam reportedly issued bonds that were affiliated with a South Dakota Native American tribe.

While Jason Galanis took the fall, it is believed that both Hunter Biden and his Burisma partner, Devon Archer, may have been involved in the scandal as well.

In fact, Archer was actually convicted for fraud, as were several others, but their convictions were later overturned.

One of the individuals that was also convicted in the scam, according to court papers, stated, “You see that this is who we’re doing business with?

“You don’t get more politically connected and make people more comfortable than that.”

The connection referenced is believed to have been Hunter Biden.

So, I have to ask, was Archer’s conviction turned over for the right reasons or did someone realize that if Archer went down, the Vice President’s son would soon follow, so they just greased the ways?

Joe Biden recently did a “60 Minutes” interview to address some of these issues, but there was no follow up on difficult questions to really put Biden on the spot.

He will not have that luxury if he manages to win the primary, because Trump will no doubt devote significant time and money to the possible corruption of Joe and Hunter Biden.

Source: Fox News

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