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Report: Obama Manipulated Field to Hand Joe Biden Nomination

Just how much impact on the Democrat primary did Barack Obama have?

Well, he may not have endorsed Joe Biden until April, but Obama was clearly working feverishly behind the scenes to get Biden the nomination.

The Master Puppeteer

Numerous reports have come out over the last few days that show just how much Barack Obama was pulling the strings during the Democrat primary.

Obama refused to publicly endorse anyone until there was a clear winner, something his camp said he did to avoid putting his finger on the scale.

Meanwhile, Obama was making calls and talking to big-money donors throughout the process to influence their decisions.

Even with all this maneuvering, though, at no time was it more apparent that Obama was pulling the strings than the days leading up to Super Tuesday.

The week before, Biden was all but dead. Then, Joe Biden took South Carolina and everything changed.

According to reports at the time, Pete Buttigieg and Obama spoke several times, with Obama telling Buttigieg he would never have more power with his endorsement than he would prior to Super Tuesday.

Suddenly, the Monday before Super Tuesday, both Buttigieg and Klobuchar dropped out.

The interesting thing here is that there was no effort to get Warren out of the race yet, and for good reason.

With Klobuchar now backing Joe Biden, the former VP had a great opportunity to win states like Minnesota and Massachusetts IF Warren would remain in the race.

She did and Joe Biden would go on to have back-to-back remarkable weeks.

Had Warren dropped out, Sanders could actually be the one with the most delegates, but her delayed exit cost Sanders.

With Sanders and Biden finally head-to-head, Barack Obama once again worked the phones to get Sanders to drop out, even though he was not mathematically out of the race.

In exchange, Sanders will reportedly have a significant say in key platform issues, such as clean energy.

Now, Michelle Obama is doing the same thing.

Rather than just outright give Biden her endorsement, there are new reports that she is in “talks” with the Biden campaign for her endorsement.

This is more than likely so she, or someone close to her, will become a member of the Biden administration IF Biden wins.

That person will more than likely be a close adviser to Biden, probably having the most impactful voice on matters of policy.

With every passing day, it appears to me that Donald Trump may be going up against Joe Biden on the ticket, but it would be Barack Obama calling the shots during a Biden presidency.

What is even scarier than an Obama 2.0 is the fact that while wheeling and dealing for Biden, Obama seems to have lunged even further to the left to secure the nomination for Joe Biden.

Source: Fox News, Chicago Tribune, and Daily Wire

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