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Report: Police Officers Considering ‘Blue Flu’ on July 4

Over the last two weeks, police officers and their departments have been attacked due to the actions of Derek Chauvin.

During the recent rioting, we saw police attacked like never before in this country, with New York City being among the worst.

Well, rumors are starting to fly that the police have had about all they can take, and a massive call-out is being mulled by the NYPD on July 4, to give New Yorkers their “independence” from the police.

The Blue Flu

There are laws in place to prevent police officers from going on strike, but there is always a way to work around those rules, at least in the short term.

The “blue flu” is something that has been around for ages and is regularly referenced as a way for police officers to stage a mass walkout within the guidelines of their contract.

Since they cannot officially strike, they organize a mass call-out, hence the title “blue flu.”

According to a New York Post report, the NYPD is planning a case of the blue flu come July 4.

Text messages and flyers are being circulated to get officers on board with the callout as well as very specific directions for the officers to follow from the initial call-out to what they should do if they are forced to report to work.

The report was not clear who is circulating this information, but there is now a very real worry that the city of New York could be without police coverage on July 4.

Can You Blame Them?

Honestly, it is hard to fault the police for wanting to strike back after what has happened to them over the last couple of weeks.

Every one of us knows all the good our police do in our communities… we live it and see it every day.

However, every time that bad one percent shows up, the entire law enforcement community is blamed for the actions of that one individual.

Should Derek Chauvin have done what he did? Absolutely not, but that does not mean every cop in the country is racist or uses excessive force.

While police as a whole have been attacked regularly over the last three years, it is nothing like we have seen with the death of George Floyd.

The calls for the complete defunding of police departments has clearly been the breaking point.

Now, if people want to know what it will be like to live without a police department, they just might find out.

My guess, if this happens, is that come July 5, those calls to defund the police will not quite be so loud anymore.

Sources: Washington Examiner & New York Post

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