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REPORT: Russiagate Documents Set to be Released This Week

If Joe Biden was hoping to get his administration off to a non-controversial start, Trump may have just put a major bump in the road.

A report broke Thursday night that more Russiagate documents could be released at some point this weekend, possibly as early as today.

Big Release Coming

If the documents are as expected, this will be hundreds of pages of interviews, transcripts, and depositions related to the Trump Russian collusion case…

This could spell disaster for some big names from the Obama administration…

This could also be a big problem for Joe Biden, especially if his name starts popping up on documents that show nefarious activity related to weaponizing the DOJ or our intelligence agencies specifically to take out Trump during the election cycle.

If Biden is found to have been involved in any of these, all of a sudden the impeachment documents being introduced by Rep. Greene carry far more weight.

This is definitely one we are going to keep an eye on in coming days as one administration winds down and a new one gets settled in.

Source: Fox News

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