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Report: Suspected ANTIFA Member Caught Paying Protesters

A video is circulating on Twitter that is going to provide conservatives with some serious ammunition to use against ANTIFA supporters.

During one of the George Floyd protests, a man alleged to be an ANTIFA member is paying a man to riot.

We Got You

There is now a widespread belief that ANTIFA has been hijacking many of the protests around the country.

Reports are surfacing all over the internet of alleged ANTIFA members getting protesters fired up and inciting violence.

We have now found a video of an alleged ANTIFA member paying a protester to start rioting.

In the video, the alleged ANTIFA member gives the man instructions after he paid him as to where he needs to go to carry out his task.

And There is More…

That, sadly, is not the worst of it.

Something else we are seeing regularly surface are videos and photographs of pallets of bricks being delivered in different parts of various cities.

This is but one example…

If this is all at the hands of ANTIFA, President Trump is 100 percent correct for wanting to declare this group a terrorist organization.

Someone is organizing and inciting these protests to the level of riots and they must be held accountable.

In the meantime, there are now curfews being enabled in large cities throughout the country as well as National Guard units being activated to help quell the violence.

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