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Republican Candidate Running Against Pelosi Has Life Threatened by Liberal Protester

John Dennis is running for Congress to take away the seat currently held by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

As part of his campaigning, he participated in an event to help clean up the trash on the streets of San Francisco, and this is how he was greeted…

Homelessness in California

If you walk down the streets of San Francisco, there is a really good chance you will see a pile of human feces on the street.

Yes, it’s disgusting, but it is also a reality due to the rising homeless problem throughout the state.

In fact, California accounts for about a third of all homeless in this country and the number is growing every day.

The politicians in California cannot run their own state, yet they are trying to tell us how we are supposed to run our country!

Removing Pelosi

Dennis is trying to remove Pelosi from her seat, yet these liberal maniacs continue to defend her and threaten conservatives.

What Dennis was doing was a good thing, but that is not how it was perceived.

Because the streets of the city have turned into tent cities, trash (and other things) is everywhere.

Honestly, certain parts of San Francisco are more reminiscent of a trash dump than they are a major city in the United States.

Liberals and Democrats were threatened by this cleanup effort, though, with one city leader calling it a “shameful stupid ignorant dehumanizing right-wing political stunt.”

That some local politician, Matt Haney, warned residents to “be on high alert, vigilant, and look out for each other.”

Well in addition to Dennis being threatened by the man in the video, one of the cleanup volunteers was robbed by a masked protestor, allegedly a member of ANTIFA.

Even more disturbing than all of this is the fact that Pelosi, or any Democrat for that matter, has yet to come forward to decry the violence being promoted by her very own supporters.

I just want to know when this insanity is going to stop. When are the police going to hold these people responsible for their threats and crimes?

As conservatives, we all have targets on her head and law enforcement in these liberal cities and states seems to be unwilling to do anything about it.

This is the woke, dirty, disgusting America liberals are promoting.

Not to beat the same drug again, but if we are going to defeat them and get some normalcy back in this country, we need to re-elect Trump, take back the House, and hold the Senate.

Otherwise, California will be the new “norm” throughout our entire country.

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