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Republicans Blast Pelosi for ‘Bad Call’

Last week, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) decided to invite an Imam in for the noon prayer at the House of Representatives.

For some, having a Muslim do the prayer was just another cheap shot at President Trump, however, it goes much deeper than that.

As it turns out, the Imam has a long history of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel comments, resulting in outrage by several Jewish members of the House.

Did You Vet This This Guy?

The Imam, Omar Suleiman, is from Irving, TX.

He was invited to the House by Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) and the invitation was approved by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In 2013, Suleiman posted an image on social media in support of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization Donald Trump is currently trying to have declared a terrorist organization.

In 2014, he made the following post on social media:

“God willing on this blessed night as the 3rd Intifada beings, the beginning of the end of the Zionism is here.

“May Allah help us overcome this monster, protect the innocent of the world, and accept the murdered as martyrs.”

In 2015, he posted a video with the comment, “Want to know what its [sic] like to live under Nazis?

“Look no further than how the Palestinians are treated daily by the apartheid Israel. Sickening.”

Republican Pushback

That no Democrats have yet to come out to decry this appearance is amazing.

While they sit on their hands in fear of retaliation from the New Breed and Democrat leadership, Republicans are not being shy about expressing their outrage over this Imam being in the House.

Rep. Zeldin stated, “Either the Speaker’s office did not vet this man at all, or worse, they did vet the Imam and then decided it would have been OK for the Imam to come onto the floor of House of Representatives anyway.

“It’s a bad call to have this person.

“It’s horrible judgment, and after the 2019 we’ve had so far, where members of their own caucus are pushing anti-Semitism and anti-Israel hate, it was a bad judgment.”

Zeldin further stated, “Let’s just say all you found was that he compared Israel to Nazis.

“That would be enough to maybe tell that member or other members of the caucus, ‘How about you find another Imam if you want to have an Imam given an opening prayer?’

“But … comparing Israel to terrorists, calling for — and inciting violence, calling for a third Palestinian intifada or the posts on social media that are supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood — as that list goes further on, it’s a bad call to have this person.”

Zeldin took a step further to blame Reps. Omar (D-Minn) and Tlaib (D-Mich) for allowing anti-Semitism of “infiltrating American politics, the halls of Congress.”

I have said numerous times that if you want to take someone or something down, the best way is to infiltrate it and tear it apart from within.

Democrats are now going through the process of desensitizing Americans to this type of behavior and rhetoric, so it becomes normal and accepted.

They are tearing away at our very fabric and it must be stopped soon or we will go down a rabbit hole from which we may never return.

You can read the full report and see the video of the prayer on Fox News.

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