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Republicans Make Their Move to Oust Adam Schiff

Republicans in the House have finally gotten some backbone and officially made a move to remove Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) from his leadership position.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) announced late last night on Twitter that he was introducing a measure to not only remove Schiff as the House Intelligence Committee chairman but also to revoke his security clearance.

Big Statement

While we all know this resolution has virtually no chance of ever becoming a reality, it is surely a shot across the bow of Democrats.

To this point, Republicans have allowed Democrats to walk all over them.

Far too many have stayed silent while Democrats unleash attack after attack on our president.

The outcome of the Mueller report, however, has seemed to energize the party.

We are not only seeing formerly silent members of the party speak out, but we are also starting to see signs Republicans are finally willing to get a little dirty.

Hitting Back

Not only did Gaetz introduce this resolution, he took some shots at Schiff to let everyone know he means business.

Gaetz stated, “If Adam Schiff is able to review covert operations and intelligence, and if we have to rely on his representation, our whole system is broken.

“It would be like putting Lori Laughlin in charge of the college board.

“It would be like putting Jussie Smollett in charge of the hate crime at the FBI.”

Schiff has continued to tout collusion, even after the Mueller report exonerated Trump.

He is among those accusing Barr of pursuing conspiracy theories about a deep state, yet his himself is using conspiracy theories to attack the President.

While all of our representatives can be a bit dramatic at times, Gaetz is very much justified in asking Schiff to step down.

Sadly, simply because Democrats hold the gavel in the House right now, common sense will not prevail and Schiff will more than likely continue to hold one of the most influential posts in Congress all the while looking right into the lens of the camera and lying to every American in the country.

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