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Reuters Reporter Purposely Sat on Beto O’Rourke Story During Senate Election

We have yet more proof the mainstream media is pushing Democrats in an effort to change the political landscape of this country, especially in red states like Texas.

It was recently revealed a Reuters reporter, Joseph Menn, had some disparaging information about Beto O’Rourke during his Senate run against Ted Cruz but chose not to disclose it until this past weekend.

Holding Back

While taking a sabbatical from Reuters to write a book about the Cult of the Dead Cow, Menn came across the information but promised not to reveal it right away.

This is a group to which Beto O’Rourke allegedly belonged to as a teenager.

The information was held back specifically to prevent Beto O’Rourke from facing any backlash during the Senate race in Texas.

Reuters released the following statement after revealing the story on Friday:

“After more than a year of reporting, Menn persuaded O’Rourke to talk on the record.

“In an interview in late 2017, O’Rourke acknowledged that he was a member of the group, on the understanding that the information would not be made public until after his Senate race against Ted Cruz in November 2016.”

Ted Cruz, to say the least, was not happy about the information being held back.

Colt of the Dead Cow

The Cold of the Dead Cow is a “hacking” group that was responsible for all types of nefarious behavior.

They allegedly stole credit card numbers, violated copyright laws, and hacked into computers, just to name a few of the group’s activities.

O’Rourke was exposed as being part of the group because of an article he had written and posted online.

In the article, O’Rourke graphically depicts killing innocent children in fantasy simply because they had the happiness to which he felt he was entitled to.

Menn, obviously, is now coming under considerable fire for holding back this information.

He is trying to justify holding back the information to protect his book.

In essence, he was okay with putting someone who was a potential felon in office in Texas to make a few bucks.

To that point, both the group and O’Rourke have stated he did not participate in the group’s “fringe activities,” but what would we expect them to say?

With each passing day, O’Rourke proves he is a liar, a scam artist, and possibly much worse.

Sadly, for the people of Texas, his name will forever be attached to this state during this presidential campaign.

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